NAISM Normalization and Accreditation Institute of San Marino, is a private organization based in San Marino, which offers third-party accreditation services for testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, manufacturers of reference materials and sampling organizations.

We are totally committed to meeting and exceeding the requirements and expectations of our customers in terms of the quality of the services we offer.

We are an accreditation body being recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) for our accreditation services.

NAISM works in accordance with the European Regulation 765/2008 and with the relevant normative documents. It operates with a management system which complies with the requirements established in ISO 17011.

The services of NAISM are accessible to all applicants whose requests fall within the current activities as offered by the NAISM. Access is not conditional upon the size of the applicant laboratory or membership of any association or group.

NAISM receives technical support from the Civil Aviation and Maritime Navigation Authority, which for the purposes of ISO 17011 is regarded as a related body.

The NAISM regularly carries out a related bodies analysis to ensure that the integrity to its impartiality is not compromised.

The NAISM also has the following roles:

  • to collaborate with European and international accreditation bodies, and to represent in them the RSM interests as and when requested;
  • to provide advice to the Government in matters concerning accreditation and other assessments and in the approval or otherwise as to the competence of bodies carrying out conformity assessment activities;